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Become A Bharat Club VIP Agent

Become a member of the Bharat Club VIP Agent today! Just refer friends and start collecting incredible rewards. Don’t pass up the chance to win fantastic prizes!

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Sign up, share, and start winning today!

Become a Bharat Club VIP Agent now and transform your connections into rewards. Your next big win could be just a referral away.

Join the Bharat Club VIP Agent Event now! ​

refer, earn & win

BMW i5 Edrive
1st PRIZE (Refer 5,000 People Top Up At Least 3 Times)
2 Carat, Natural Round Diamond
2nd Prize (Refer 1,500 People Top Up At Least 3 Times)
GOLD & Diamond
3rd Prize (Refer 500 People Top Up At Least 3 Times)
24K, 999.9 Gold Bar
4th Prize (Refer 200 People Top Up At Least 3 Times)
24K, 999.9 Gold Treasure
5th Prize (Refer 150 People Top Up At Least 3 Times)
24K, 999.9 Gold Accessories
6th Prize (Refer 100 People Top Up At Least 3 Times)

Join our VIP event

refer your friends!

Get rewarded with a referral bonus on the Bharat Club, and your friends will snag a welcome bonus when they join using your link!

Are you ready to join? Here is the scoop:

  1. Simply enter your Telegram number to sign up and say hello to our customer care, or send us a direct message via
  2. Want to increase your chances of winning? Bring more friends to the club! The more active friends you refer to, the higher your chances. And by “active,” we mean individuals who top up three times and stick to the rules.
  3. Remember to play kind! We’re keeping an eye out for any funny business.

Let’s keep things pleasant and fair for everyone!

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sign up now!

The process is easy!


Download the Bharat Club App

Follow the step-by-step instruction on how to download the App for easy acess. 


Claim your Welcome bonus and start exploring Bharat Club. Play and win anytime, anywhere!


Message our teacher to explain and guide you through the mechanics of the VIP Agent event.

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