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Try your luck with the exciting and quick wins at Bharat Club Lottery Games

Bharat Club lottery games

What is Bharat Club Lottery?

Bharat Club lottery games is offering a variety of exciting games that cater to lovers of lottery and betting games. With a range of games that include quick draws and color predictions, the Bharat Club provides ample opportunities for fun and potentially profitable online engagement.

What are the Games in Bharat Club Lottery?

Bharat Club Lottery hosts several engaging games, including Wingo colour prediction, K3 lottery, KD, and TRX. Each game has its own unique set of rules and ways to win, making every draw a thrilling experience.

1. Wingo: Colour Prediction Game

Bharat club wingo colour prediction game

The Wingo colour prediction game is a fast-paced, thrilling game that operates continuously throughout the day. Here’s how it works:

  1. Each game round lasts for just over a minute, with 55 seconds allocated to placing your order and 5 seconds waiting for the draw result.
  2. There are 1440 game rounds each day, providing non-stop action.
  3. If you bet ₹100 in a trade, after a service fee deduction of 2%, your winning amount is ₹98.

How to Play Wingo?

Select Green: If the result shows 1, 3, 7, or 9, your payout is ₹196; if it shows 5, your payout is ₹196.

Select Red: If the result shows 2, 4, 6, or 8, your payout is ₹196; if it shows 0, your payout is ₹196.

Select Violet: If the result shows 0 or 5, your payout is ₹196.

Select Number: If the result matches the number you selected, your payout is ₹882.

Select Big: If the result shows 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9, your payout is ₹196.

Select Small: If the result shows 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4, your payout is ₹196.

2. K3 Lottery

Bharat club K3 lottery

The K3 Lottery is a fast-paced game where three numbers are drawn each period. These numbers range from 111 to 666, are all natural numbers with no zeros, and appear in no specific order. The objective in Quick3 is to correctly predict all or part of these three winning numbers.

How to Play K3 Lottery?

Betting Options:

Sum Value: Place a bet on the total sum of the three numbers.

Choose 3 Same Number All: Bet on all instances of a specific number appearing (e.g., 111, 222, … 666).

Choose 3 Same Number Single: From all instances of a specific number, select one set to place a bet on.

Choose 2 Same Multiple: Bet on two identical numbers and one additional random number from the three.

Choose 2 Same Single: Bet on two identical numbers and one specific different number.

3 Numbers Different: Place a bet on all three numbers being different.

2 Numbers Different: Bet on two specific, different numbers and one additional random number.

Choose 3 Consecutive Numbers: Place a bet on sequences of three consecutive numbers (e.g., 123, 234, 345, 456).

Winning Descriptions and Odds

Sum Value: Winning occurs if your bet matches the sum of the opening numbers.

Choose 3 Same Number All: Win if the draw results in any three of the same number.

Choose 3 Same Number Single: A win is secured if the bet matches exactly with the opening number.

Choose 2 Same Multiple: Win if the opening numbers include the two same numbers you bet on (excluding a triplet of the same number).

Choose 2 Same Single: A win occurs if your bet matches exactly with the two designated same numbers in the opening number.

3 Numbers Different: You win if all three opening numbers are different.

2 Numbers Different: Winning happens if the draw matches the two different numbers you chose.

Choose 3 Consecutive Numbers All: Win if the opening numbers are any three consecutive numbers.

Each game in the K3 Lottery offers various ways to win, allowing for multiple strategies and approaches to betting.

3. KD Lottery Game

Bharat club KD Lottery game

KD Lottery involves a simple and exciting 5D game where a five-digit number, ranging from 00000 to 99999, is drawn at random each period.

Example of a Draw:

Consider the number 12345 that is drawn:

A = 1

B = 2

C = 3

D = 4

E = 5

SUM = A+B+C+D+E = 15

How to Play KD?

Players have the option to bet on six different outcomes based on the digits A, B, C, D, and E, and their sum:

Individual Digits: Players can place bets on each of the five digits (A, B, C, D, and E).

Sum: Bets can also be placed on the total sum of the digits.

Betting Categories:

Players can choose from a variety of categories for each digit and the sum:

Number: Choose any number from 0 to 9.

Small: Select numbers ranging from 0 to 4.

Big: Opt for numbers between 5 and 9.

Odd: Choose odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9).

Even: Select even numbers (0, 2, 4, 6, 8).

For the sum of the digits, the following options are available:

Small Sum: Bet on a total sum ranging from 0 to 22.

Big Sum: Bet on a sum between 23 and 45.

Odd Sum: Choose sums that are odd numbers (e.g., 13, 15, up to 45).

Even Sum: Opt for sums that are even numbers (e.g., 2, 4, up to 44).

The KD Lottery provides players with multiple betting options, making it a versatile and engaging game for all who participate.

4. TRX Wingo

Bharat club TRX WinGO

How to play TRX Wingo?

Draws occur every minute, and bets must be placed within 45 seconds; betting is locked 15 seconds before each draw.

The game is available continuously, with a potential for 1440 plays per day.

Betting options vary, offering 1 point, 3 points, 5 points, and 10 points play, each with specific timing for draws.

The outcome is determined by the last digit of the block hash.

Examples of outcomes:

A block hash ending in b569 results in a winning digit of 9.

A block hash ending in d14c results in a winning digit of 4.

Betting Choices:

Green or Red: Choose correctly between the designated numbers to double your stake.

Purple: Matches on 0 or 5 also double your stake.

Specific Number: Correct guesses can yield nine times the bet.

Big or Small: Predict a range correctly to double your stake.

Whether it’s choosing a color, a range, or a specific number, the TRX-based lottery offers exciting and varied ways to participate and win.


With a variety of games and continuous draws, Bharat Club Lottery offers endless opportunities for excitement and winning. Whether you’re a fan of number predictions or prefer strategic bets, there’s something for everyone. Dive into the vibrant world of Bharat Club Lottery games and experience the thrill of the draw from the comfort of your home!

Start winning now! Explore into the exciting world of online earning games with Bharat Club Lottery today and unlock your chance to win big! Don’t miss out—join and win big now!

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